don’t be f o o l e d,
                                         my dear,
                                     lovely smiles
                                     are the worst
                        when { i’m } the one to give
                                         it to you.  

*jumps on wyll*

-catches and cuddles-

that’s actually so q

It is. Q is the most annoying muse I’ve ever have. He’s such a little shit and he comes back only when he deems it appropriate.



obediencexloyalty: ASS




This account back and forth everytime.

But I can’t seem to delete him.

So hi.


▒▓█————⌠۞⌡ ❝While I’m not the one executing such dirty work, as you say, it seems that you’re enjoying yourself.❞


"What’s the difference, you still have the boring and glooming part of the universe. I don’t envy you, you can keep it. Busy schedule, little minions to handle, too much leashes for the Q."

"And yes, yes I enjoy myself, Death, I do, always did. Or else I would probably look like you. Which… doesn’t suit me well. The complexion you see. Then again, I don’t really have a complexion.

But you don’t care. How is it to be you?”



Funny how you’re the one getting the dirty job and that we’re ruling the universe.


Janeway represent



(A long time ago, months ago, when I was roleplaying Mirror Spock, I did a promo for her and when I connected back (just now) and see her cackling for it did nothing, I decided to take my revenge. She’s currently on semi-hiatus, but it’s one damn good Maria Hill. So if ever you want to toss this post around and promote this sweet darling (because not only the muse is great but the mun is a charm), well feel free)


That bad, huh?  Not for the first time since hearing about Q, the Continuum, and the misadventures of the Enterprise crew did Dax wonder what the continuum was like.  There had been no way for her to even begin to assess what they were like.

Until now.  Q’s comment gave her a vague picture of beings, who may be using their power to actually keep the galaxy from falling apart, unlike Q, who seemed to be content to set off every star in the galaxy at once.  Or was he?

The symbiont pulled the host more strongly than she ever felt toward the unknown, the complex curiosities.  Literally, too, for she took a step closer now to Q, then another with her hands calmly clasped behind her back, just like Lela used to do.

"All infinite number of them thank you."  She spoke with a grin while leveling him a dry look.  Then after she briefly shifting her weight whilst flicking her eyes over him, they rose to meet his again.  "So I suppose you have my eternal thanks.”  Dax enunciated the last words with a tuck of her chin and a raise of her eyebrows.  Leaning back slightly, she tilted her head asking, “And you?”  The smile that had never quite left her lips widened again.

Admit it.  Your sides have grown rather fond of us.  Perhaps he did not even have to and even if she did not trust him yet… Maybe some of us have grown fond of you… in our own ways.


"Fond, fond, fond is an emotion dear." He chuckled with a strange but quickly passing gleam in his eyes. "Something with which I am not yet acquainted very much and something I do not yearn for."

Well they had emotions, in their own ways, but perhaps fond was not the one who would be correct in his own situation. He looked upon the humanoid form in front of him, wondering actually what it was he was really feeling. Fascination? She was not human, but she lived amongs them. She looked mostly like them and she had similar traits. 

"Your mind is full of little questions. It’s amusing really."

He shrugged. Something that pleased him was the intelligence behind her questions, her curiosity about the Continuum and the Q. Very often people had wondered, but few had actually asked the right questions or wondered about the right things. You don’t ask a Q if he knows what he does is cruel, but you can ask about them, if you have a open Q, ready to satisfy some of this never ending curiosity.

He then looked her up and down, a little smile tugging at his lips.

"Eternal thanks?"

There was this little mischievous grin again.

"Oh, I am quite honored thank you."

He mocked with a little exagerated bow.

Because it is you, I will accept the rather useless and pathetic show of affection.